Frequently Asked Questions

What is FindMyPackage?
FindMyPackage is an all-in-one package tracker that tells you all the essential details regarding your package's location and delivery time.

How do I use it?
Go to our Track Page, enter a shipping number and hit "track" to view all the shipment details you'll need regarding your package.

What couriers can it track?
We support packages from the four most common and popular shipping couriers: UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL.

What features are unique to it?
Our platform implements new features such as a visual and interactive map showing the package location and an adjusted ETA dependent on any global events that may affect shipping.

Who is it made for?
Our website is for the average person who wants to know the essentials while not having the additional, less significant information clutter the screen.

How do we calculate the Delay?
We web scrape Associated Press's news articles from the past 14 days and use the GPT-3 model to identify the location of the event(s) and the severity of the event(s) towards shipping. We then use Google Maps and a specific exponential model to compare the distance between the event(s) and the package to output an appropriate delay to the user's shipment time.